Tag Augmented Reality SDK

Tag Augmented Reality SDK is our open source augmented reality software development kit. We believe that augmented reality is one areas which has a high potential and many different kinds of applications can be built in this area. Tag Augmented Reality SDK is a geo location based augmented reality which retrieved tags based on the geo location (latitude and longitude) and then displays the tags onto the screen. We have released this SDK as an open source SDK so that the developers interested in augmented reality can use it and further improve it.

We have conducted an introductory survey and we have received overwhelming response for a need of such an SDK and also have received many queries asking about this SDK.

Tag Augmented Reality is at the moment for Android, but it can be ported to other operating systems as well. Development is ongoing on this project.

The rendering of the tag(s) as shown below have been done using OpenGL ES. The use of OpenGL ES brings in a lot of possibilities with what can be built.